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In part     two of my interview with Scott Fortner – owner of The Marilyn Monroe Collection – Scott talks more about his collection, bidding at auctions and how he became an integral part of the longest running Marilyn Monroe fanclub, Marilyn Remembered.

When was the first time you saw something of Marilyn’s in person and what was it?

Well that’s an interesting story. The first time I even made a connection between Marilyn and her personal possessions was when I saw her trunk that was filled with her personal items in the Marilyn Monroe Encyclopedia by Adam Victor. The trunk had been auctioned by Christie’s in 1995. I just thought, “Man, that is so cool!” And, quite luckily, that trunk and many of its contents, including Marilyn’s personal childhood Brownie camera, are part of my collection today.

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The Marilyn Monroe Collection is a collection of her belongings, owned by super-fan, Scott Fortner. I love nothing more than when a genuine fan is able to buy something of Marilyns at auction – so you can understand how excited I am to share part one of my interview with Scott, which gives us insight into his love of Marilyn and how he has acquired one of, if not, the world’s largest private collections of her belongings.

When did you become a Marilyn fan?

I don’t remember exactly when I became interested in Marilyn. In junior high I saw Loni Anderson in “The Jayne Mansfield Story” and that’s really when I started to develop an interest in old Hollywood. Very soon after that I discovered Marilyn and the rest is history.
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It’s been over 57 years since Marilyn’s death and in that time there have been many rumours about her life, and death. One such rumour is that Marilyn and Bobby Kennedy had an affair. So let’s explore that here:-
Marilyn and Bobby Kennedy first met on February 2nd, 1962 at the home of Patricia and Peter Lawford (Patricia was Bobby’s sister).
Marilyn wrote to Arthur Miller’s son after the meeting saying she asked Kennedy, the then Attorney General, “what his department was going to do about Civil Rights and some other issues.” The letter continued, “He is very intelligent, and besides all that he’s got a terrific sense of humour.” Marilyn stated that she was invited to the dinner, at which Kennedy was the guest of honour, and that she sat beside him all night. She also mentioned that he “wasn’t a bad dancer” but she was “mostly impressed with how serious he is about Civil Rights.”

Whilst in Palm Springs, it was suggested by Ralph Roberts (Marilyn’s Masseur) that Marilyn had a one night stand with JFK. I would question this, as, although he claims to have spoken to a man with a Bostonian accent that night, he never identified himself as JFK, nor did Marilyn say it was him. Also, if she were travelling down to spend time with JFK, why did she not go down the day before when he was there? I would suggest that Marilyn was in the midst of an affair with Bobby Kennedy, and it was he that Roberts spoke to that night.

People have argued about a Kennedy affair for years now. Many believing the salacious rumours of Marilyn having affairs with both brothers at the same time, but if you research it and look at the sources of information, you will likely come to the conclusion I have, that there was no JFK affair.

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