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Personal eSHOP Durant - Nicki the Cat 2005 Acrylic on canvas
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Durant - Nicki the Cat 2005
Acrylic on canvas
33" x 27"
Medium: Oil PaintingNotes: Custom cat portrait painting of Nicki, a gorgeous tabby who just loved posing to have her portrait painted.

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Personal eSHOP Fragonard - The swing 1766
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Fragonard - The swing
Wallace Collection, London
Fragonard's scenes of frivolity and gallantry are considered the embodiment of the Rococo spirit. A pupil of Chardin and later Boucher, he won the Prix de Rome and from 1756 to 1761 was in Italy, where he developed a particular admiration for Tiepolo and the late Baroque style. In this period he specialized in large historical paintings.
Returning to Paris, he soon changed this style, adopting instead the erotic subjects then in vogue and for which he is chiefly known, of which The Swing is the most famous.

This picture became an immediate success, not merely for its technical excellence, but for the scandal behind it. The young nobleman is not only getting an interesting view up the lady's skirt, but she is being pushed into this position by her priest-lover, shown in the rear.

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Personal eSHOP Jean-Antoine Watteau - Love in the Italian Theater 1716
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Jean-Antoine Watteau - Love in the Italian Theater
Gemaeldegalerie, Berlin
Jean-Antoine Watteau (1684-1721) is the greatest painter of the French Rococo period, active in the beginning of the XVIII century.
A French rococo artist whose charming and graceful paintings show his interest in theater and ballet, Antoine Watteau is probably best known for his fetes galantes. These romantic and idealized scenes depict elaborately costumed ladies and gentlemen at play in fanciful outdoor settings.

Jean-Antoine Watteau was born on Oct. 10, 1684, in Valenciennes, France. In 1702 he traveled to Paris, where he supported himself by turning out religious pictures and copying the works of popular Dutch artists. In 1704 he began studying with Claude Gillot. Gillot, who designed and executed scenery for the stage, passed on to Watteau his love of the Italian theater and the characters from the commedia dell'arte.

In 1708 Watteau began working with Claude Audran, who had the care of the treasures at the Luxembourg Palace. This collection included a group of scenes from the life of Marie de' Medici painted in the early 1600s by the Flemish master Peter Paul Rubens. Rubens's influence can also be seen in Watteau's work. In 1709-10 Watteau returned to Valenciennes, where he executed a series of military scenes. In the years 1710-12 he painted the first of three versions of the myth of Cythera, the island of love for which pilgrims embark but never arrive. The paintings represented impossible dreams, the revenge of madness on reason and of freedom on moral rules.

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Personal eSHOP François Boucher - Diana leaving her bath 1742
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François Boucher - Diana leaving her bath
Louvre, Paris
The goddess Diana rests after the hunt, assisted in her ritual toilet by a nymph. Under the veneer of the mythological subject matter, this painting is a hymn to the female body. The refined drawing, glowing skin, gentle touch, and luminous palette attest to the artist's maturity. Diana frequently depicted in 18th-century French painting.
In the hands of François Boucher, the huntress abandons her willful character. One can recognize the goddess by her standard attributes: the golden crescent she wears in her hair in reference to her connection with the moon, as well as the bow and recently felled game lying next to her.
But most prominent here are the traits in fashion under the reign of Louis XV: the milky complexion, small full face, and curvaceous figure. Her virginal state distances her from any ill intent; she reveals her nudity with total frankness and lack of prudery, like a novice to the world of romance.

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