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IFRAME MENU SYSTEM: main advantage no flicker when the content page is loaded (because the MENU itself doesn't need re-loading)
This page here is an IFRAME which calls iframeset_main.php
which itself has 2 IFRAMES in its body. These 2 IFRAMES have an ID and CSS positioning

So to recap:
the IFRAME is calling iframeset_main.php (src=.....)
the parameters (the stuff after the ? mark) are:
NAV_MENU in this case 822 (the page ID where the menu is)
NAV_WIDTH in this case 200 (pixels) the width of said menu
NAV_DEFAULT an optional starting page, in this case 804 (a background picture)
NAV_BORDER etc... all optional
The height of the IFRAME is governed by the height of the MENU

Note: flash objects will 'flash' the page when called... (carousel, dock, dew... avoid)
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