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Presentation 1
     skippr_slider (autoplay)

FOLDER, ex 'splashes_450'
RANDOM, 0 as found, 1 rnd, 2 asc, 3 desc, 4 latest
MAX, 0 no max, or any number 1-12
MODE=NULL, 0 picture inside a div, 1 div has picture as a background
WIDTH=NULL, either 0 (100%) or a value like 640
file_hint=NULL, either '*' (take all) or a filter like 'nav' (any file with nav in it
TRANSITION=NULL 1000=1sec if 0 default is 2000
AUTOPLAY=NULL 0=no autoplay 1=autoplay


Although device responsive (can be resized), this object is NOT touch screen friendly (ie can't be swiped)
For touch screens, see autoplay_slider() or fotorama.php instead.
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